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MBPr 2015 bruit quand on le secoue (Rattling Noise)


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Bonjour depuis aujourd'hui mon Macbook pro Rétina de 2015 qui à 3 mois fait du bruit lorsque je le secoue de droite à gauche, comme une pièce qui bouge. Cependant, si je secoue et que je serre légèrement l'écran le bruit disparait donc il s'agit d'une pièce qui bouge contenue dans l'écran du Macbook Pro.


Je ne suis pas un cas isolé, voici le bruit :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmL7KXCMfxU


Je voulais donc savoir : Cela nécessite une visite chez Darty ? ou c'est normal car ma machine présente aucun signe de dysfonctionnement 


Merci pour vos futures réponses

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"For anyone who is wondering, the problem is the light guide plate that is located within the display. If you press your finger on the screen and shake it it will not make a sound but relieve pressure with your finger and the "knocking" comes back. Pictures show that this plate does not take up the entire width of the case (about 1/8th of an inch extra of room on one side) and apple relies on the pressure of the screen and mild adhesive to hold it into place. the problem is the engineers did not account for temperature change and as the case expands and contracts due to temp, the plate may or may not have enough pressure to keep it in place. In my experiences, in my cold room in the morning it does not "knock when I shake it" but when I go throughout my day in heated classrooms it slowly comes back. This is not really a defect but an engineering flaw so it will NEVER impact performance but from someone who has serious OCD, this can cause a big headache. Sorry if this does not help :/"


Aucune inquiétude à avoir !

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